Videos and FAQs

Not convinced you need one of our murphy beds? Check out our video links below (or watch Seinfeld Season 3, episode 3, enjoy)!


  • Video #1: Highlights of our Leto Muro Wall Beds: Click here.
  • Video #2: Quick Installation Tutorial: Click here.
  • Video #3: Start to Finish installation video with the Owner's tips and tricks: Click here.


What is the standard shipping time?

We consolidate our orders and ship every Friday out of our Arizona warehouse.  Shipping times vary, but standard delivery is 2-4 weeks. We utilized the same warehouse and shipping services

Why does it take multiple weeks to ship, why can't we get it either Fedex or UPS in less time?

Our beds weigh over the weight limit for standard FedEx or UPS carriers, so we ship with American West freight services, which takes longer, but our beds and accessories are worth the wait!

Do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska? 

We currently do not ship outside the lower 48, our contract with American West doesn't include ocean freight to get to Hawaii or Alaska.

How do I schedule my delivery? Do I have to be home to receive it?

Once your bed arrives to the American West HUB closest to your home, you will receive a text message or call to schedule your delivery window.  You must be present to receive your bed.

Does the delivery company deliver into the room of my choice or leave it at my door?

American West (or one of their contracted moving companies), will bring your bed "Over the Threshold" into the first available room.  Our beds come in four boxes and weigh approximately 400-500 pounds in total, so be mindful of this if you need to move the boxes after delivery.  Some clients prefer to stage the boxes in their garage and bring the pieces in separately, which is my personal recommendation to keep the installation space less cluttered. 

I'm in a High Rise or multi-floor complex, will the delivery company bring it to my home or leave it at the office/front desk?

The delivery company will still bring the boxes Over the Threshold regardless if there are stairs or elevators.  They will not leave the boxes with an office.

 Do you have installation services available?

Since we deliver to anywhere in the lower 48, we don't have a set of installers that can accomodate all regions.  We do recommend looking for local installers, via Thumbtack or Angi's List.  We have installation videos you can send to vette potential installers, but our beds are designed to be owner installed with two people.

What is the weight capacity for your murphy beds?

Our beds will hold weight up to 700 pounds.

 What is the warranty on your wall beds?

The manufacturer, Leto Muro, provides a full replacement warranty on hardware found to be defective because of issues relating to workmanship during manufacturing or shipping damages incurred during shipping. The length of the warranty is 1 year from the original purchase date. The warranty applies only to the original buyer, and proof of purchase may be required for service.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Defects caused by improper assembly or disassembly
  • Defects that occurred after modifying the product
  • Intentional damage
  • Accidents
  • Misuse
  • Using the product outside
  • The warranty does not cover labor or assembly costs.

The company Leto Muro (nor Urban Loft) cannot be held, in any case, responsible for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from a misuse of the product.