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"We recently purchased a wall bed from Heather. When we initially contacted her via her website, she replied very quickly. We asked for a quote on a bed we wanted to order. She gave us the quote and we placed the order. Soon thereafter, we changed our mind and decided we wanted a different model. The other model was less expensive and she refunded the difference and also gave us $100 off the price since they were having a sale. It has been a pleasure to work with her. Thanks again, Heather!"  Customer Email - 
"Amazing bed! Good quality, and it was easy to install. Our spare room is now our office AND our guest room! Thank you!" - Customer Email 
"Really nice wall unit, looks custom but a lot less expensive.  Will refer our friends to your business." - Customer Email 
"Great customer service.  I had the bed installed and was surprised how easy it was for the installer and the quality of all the parts. Great addition to our home. " -  Portland Customer 
"My sons love their new bunk bed!  They can do homework after school, then pull down the bed in the evenings.  Great space saver for a shared bedroom." -  Online Customer 
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